"The Steel Fist" a DEEP HAND FUCK

This was a easy HAND FUCK,Lisa will strap slaves to a fisting table during her shows so there will be NO PROBLEMS with unwilling slaves!

She started using her fisting table during her stage shows in Amsterdam at the "Blueboy Club"

The young gays all think they could take Lisa's small hand,they were wrong,She uses the HARD HAMBURG HAND PUMP to get the wild shows that made her famous!

"The Steel Fist"
@ WindowGirl.com

These videos you can see Lisa Berlin's newest video shoot at her new villa in Greece.
She went all out on a new ASS SLAVE who wanted a HARD DAY with Europe's Strapon Queen.
Her new BOY SLUT took her fisting and steel balls with out much trouble,after an extented training stay in her Mannheim brothel as a "BOY SLUT"!
She broke him like a little bitch for the video when she let Stella Stern
"The Amsterdam Streacher"
work him over and over and over!

The HARD HAND PUMP can break the most esperienced bottom boy and only a STRONG HOLD DOWN FISTING table will keep the slave from going wild!

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